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The Legendary ARDEX Grout Sponge

  • Superior absorption

  • Significantly outlasts all other sponges

  • Unique square shape for better tooling and work in corners

ARDEX White 6 Gallon Bucket

  • The ideal size for ARDEX high volume tile and stone mortars and grouts

  • Perfect fit for ARDEX X 77TM MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar 40lb bags


ARDEX Mixing Paddle – T2

Standard length paddle for mixing ARDEX mortars and grouts

ARDEX Extended Mixing Paddle – T2-E

Mortar and grout mixing paddle with extended shaft for less bending

ARDEX Mini Mixing Paddle – T2-M

Hand drill mixing paddle for small batch mortar and grout mixing Perfect for mixing ARDEX WA Epoxy Grout and Adhesive in its own container

ARDEX Self Leveling Mixing Barrel and Kit

Complete kit for measuring, mixing, spreading and smoothing ARDEX Self-Leveling Underlayments



The time and back saving wheeled cart for moving filled ARDEX Mixing Barrels from mixing stations to pour areas quick and easily

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